How To Choose A Sterilizer For The Phone - Top And Best Models

We will tell the whole truth about well-known manufacturers like Phonesoap, who considers a smartphone to be as dirty as a toilet bowl headband.

How-To-Choose-A Sterilizer-For-The-Phone-Top-And-Best-Models
How To Choose A Sterilizer For The Phone - Top And Best Models

Putting everything on the shelves and find out if their devices are as effective as they say in their advertising. So let's go!

Why do I need a sterilizer for the phone? What scientists say

Today, everyone, both children and adults, do not let the phone out of their hands. The gadget is with us everywhere: in the park, in public transport, in the hospital, in the toilet and on the table in the restaurant. At the same time, we wash our hands regularly, which is not the case with a smartphone. It can not be washed, and if clean, then what? And this whole army of microbes, which dwells on dirty hands, moves to the phone screen, and then hits the face - you just have to bring it to your ear. The warm and slightly wet surface of the gadget only contributes to the growth of microbes. At No Fluff Tech you will find more reviews about phone sanitizer.

Why is it bad, because billions of bacteria are already around? The fact is that the body gives in to viruses when they get inside - through the nose, mouth and eyes. The US Department of Health and Human Services warns of the danger of getting the flu if you touch your face with dirty hands. The cleaner your hands, the less risk of catching a respiratory infection or diarrhea. Since dangerous pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus can live on the phone, the researchers even recommend that doctors limit the use of the gadget in medical institutions. So that the phone does not become a carrier of pathogenic bacteria, it must be cleaned.

How does the phone sanitizer work?

Most sanitizers fight microbes with ultraviolet light. The UV cleaner for the phone is turned on automatically or by pressing a button, after which the disinfection process starts. A small ultraviolet lamp inside the gadget acts on the DNA of bacteria and destroys them. After 5-6 minutes the light turns off and the phone can be removed. Some models combine UV processing with the phone's charging function. But it is important to use the device strictly for its intended purpose. Sanitizers have special radiation (wavelength 253 nm), so it cannot be used for drying nails or tanning. This will cause a burn!

UV lamps of different power are used for water purification and have proven to be effective even on an industrial scale. But to vouch for the quality of portable disinfecting devices is much more difficult: yes, ultraviolet basically kills microbes, but does this particular gadget work correctly and is not an invisible cleaning just an illusion?

What conclusions can be drawn from this information? Portable sterilizers are definitely an option for patients. If you do not want to keep the device on weight for a long time, it is better to buy a closed type sterilizer that will disinfect itself and turn off after treatment. Before buying a gadget, you need to make sure that before you really UV lamp, and not just a blue lamp. Very much the low price should be alerted.

What are ozonizers and how are they bad?

Some manufacturers cunning and sell ozonizers under the guise of UV sanitizer for the phone. The blue lamp inside such devices only simulates an ultraviolet emitter. As in real UV sanitizers, the processing lasts about 5 minutes while the lamp is on. However, cleaning is done at the expense of ozone, and not with the help of ultraviolet. Why is that bad? The fact is that in a large concentration ozone is extremely poisonous, and in a small one it is extremely weak against bacteria and viruses. The US Environmental Protection Agency actually warns us against using ozone generators, since it cannot vouch for the safety and effectiveness of ozonizers. Toxic gas is harmful to the eyes, skin and respiratory organs. The Food and Drug Administration requires that the ozone output for internal medical devices be no more than 0.05 ppm. Unknown whether each manufacturer meets this requirement. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap way to clean your phone, it may be better to wipe it with an alcohol wipe, rather than buying an ozonizer.

Top Sanitizers for Phone from $ 23 to $ 60

Basically, all UV phone cleaners are divided into two types. These are the closed gadgets with a cover and portable sterilizers. There are also ozonizers - devices that fight bacteria using ozone. In our review, we will look at all of these types of sanitizers, starting with the most popular high-priced model.

PhoneSoap 3

The brand from Salt Lake City is the most famous manufacturer in our review. The history of PhoneSoap began in 2016 with a successful appearance on the TV show “Business Sharks”. Laurie Greiner said “yes” to this startup and invested $ 100,000 in it. And here is the result - the project is still alive and actively conquers the market.

With what the guys from PhoneSoap definitely have no problems - so it’s with marketing. Their corporate slogan “Remember - the cell phone case contains 18 times more bacteria than the public toilet” cannot but scare. This fact can be disputed, but it can not be forgotten. Just want to wipe your smartphone with wet wipes! The second slogan of the brand “Be healthy with PhoneSoap” also hits the bull's eye. We are given to understand: you are buying a gadget not for entertainment, but for use - something as irreplaceable as antibacterial hand soap.

Well, what about the proofs? The official website refers to “clinically confirmed results,” but there are no references to scientific research. In the presentation video (it is spectacularly made, which is worth a comparison of strokes from the sole of the boot and the screen of the smartphone) the expert in a white coat appears - but his name and the name of the laboratory are not mentioned. It may be the star of medicine from Salt Lake City, but who can prove that this is not a fake actor? PhoneSoap boasts publications in Forbes and CNN - but all these are brief notes about the success of a startup in “Shark business.” In general, all manufacturers of phone disinfectants write about the destruction of 99% of germs and their arguments are about the same.

But back to the phonesoap review. Distinguishes PhoneSoap from competitors mainly design. This is a usable and pleasant-looking case for a smartphone (visual solutions resemble the outlines of Apple products). It is very simple. Inside there is a UV light bulb and a charging connector (in the latest version there is also a connector for the second device). Put the phone in the case, clean it for 5-6 minutes, and then you can charge the battery in it or use the gadget as a carrier. By the way, in the sanitizer you can handle any other items as long as they fit in size (credit cards, keys, smart watch). Note the “model range” of development: there are XL versions for tablets, two versions for smartphones (differing in size and color) and wireless PhoneSoap. But for us, the classic PhoneSoap is more important - it is a 6.8-inch long, 3.74-inch wide and 0 case.

Note that this is the most expensive sanitizer in our review, but this is by no means a device for the ages. In the reviews, customers do not complain about the absence of replaceable lamps, which means that if the UV-cell breaks down, you will have to change the entire case.

Finally - add optimism. Still, we have before us an American development, and not some kind of “Know-Name”. The developers of the gadget have an interesting blog (for example, they calculate how often users drop phones into toilets, and put up other experiments), answer customer questions, even do charity work. This distinguishes PhoneSoap from the competition - perhaps, we have the most open brand in the field of sanitizer for phones. Whether you want to or not, the level of trust in such a product is higher than that of competitors. This is the most expensive device in our review - it costs ~ $ 60


Verilux Sanitizer is remarkable for the fact that in 2011 he participated in the review of The New York Times. The device passed the tests with honor, however, it was tested not on smartphones, but on kitchen utensils. The fact is that the expert publication Charles Gerba (an environmental microbiologist from the University of Arizona), said that the cutting boards need disinfection much more than mobile devices. According to the expert, on flat non-porous surfaces, and these are cutting boards, UV sanitizers are quite effective. But journalist Farhad Manju noted such a flaw in the work of the gadget: the lamp only works when tilted down and automatically turns off if you lift it up or direct it to the side. This is the result of a strict protection system that blocks the operation of the radiator for any deviation from the horizontal plane.

Judging by the reviews on Amazon, seven years after the review, the design of the gadget remained unchanged. The lamp still turns off at the slightest turn, although, perhaps, this is for the better - so none of the users will get burns. In general, Verilux is sensitive to health issues. For example, this brand, founded in 1956, produces light devices designed for light therapy. The price of this device is ~ $ 45.

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