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 Today, in this blog,we would discuss about the development by NASA engineers for the next generation space telescopes. As per the Engineers of MIT, have introduced the fact that the giant telescopes like one which is NASA's upcoming James Webb Space Telescope,the thing is,it may get replaced by tiny spacecraft which is large in number..

   NASA engineers are basically trying to develop a design for the next generation space telescope. The design includes the 'segmented' telescopes with multiple small mirror that could be assembled to form one very large telescopes once launched in space.

Tiny Satellites introduced to guide huge space telescopes

  Now, the question arises that why NASA engineers are trying to build this design?? What's the main objective behind this??

   The answer is that,the team from MIT said that,these small satellites will actually act as 'guide stars'. How?? By pointing a laser back at a telescope to calibrate the system, so that we can receive much more better and accurate images of distant worlds....

  And, the main thing is that,not only it will provide better images of distant world,but also they will help to save time and money ,and allowing for more flexible telescopes, they explained...

  And according to the lead author Ewan Douglas,a post doctoral student at MIT,he said that in future,it may be possible to design a telescope that will be a little floppier , a little less intrinsically stable, but could use a bright source as a reference to maintain its stability..

  The study also showed that the new laser guide star designs are feasible with existing technologies, and that the system could fit entirely within a SmallSat about the size of a cubic foot.

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