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Pranks are not allowed.......................

  In this blog,we would talk about the prank videos those which are harmful and dangerous are not allowed on YouTube from now on. These type of pranks have been banned from the platform.

Pranks are not allowed in YouTube from now

  We all have watched prank videos,either in Facebook or in WhatsApp but it's main origin is mostly from YouTube. Some prank videos are good,and some are which looks funny in screen but is harmful in reality. Some of the videos have attracted millions of views. And,also with pranks ,the move comes in response to so called 'challenges' which have resulted in injuries and death.

  Now,the main reason for banning pranks which are harmful is that not only they are harmful but also they leave a harmful irreparable impact on small children's brain. Because some children experience severe emotional distress which is something so much bad that can leave the child traumatized for life!!!

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