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 Today,in this article,we would talk about the Facebook legal action dropped by the Consumer Campaigner Martin Lewis.

 He has done this over a series of ads that ran on its platform, which claimed he backed several investments schemes which is false.

Facebook legal action dropped by Martin Lewis

      He claimed that he will drop the case if Facebook introduces a scam reporting button on ads. These fake endorsements were causing harm to his reputation. And, this scheme which is going to launch in May ,will be identifying and fighting online scams and supporting their victims.

  In addition to this,Facebook is going to donate £3 million to a New Citizens Advice Project. And also, Mr.Lewis said in a statement about this,"The amount being donated to set up the Citizens Advice scams action project is far above anything I could've won had I succeeded in a court,".

  At Wednesday's press conference, however, Mr Lewis said that after he had threatened to sue Facebook, the company had "quickly realised the scale of the problem" and agreed to commit resources to tackle the issue.

Facebook's regional director for northern Europe, Steve Hatch, said: "We're grateful to Martin Lewis for bringing attention to this important issue and for his guidance over the last eight months."

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