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Today,in this blog,we would again talk about the issue of security breach,exposing data of millions of peoples on the cloud server. Now you may think ,that now in which social platform did this breach took place?

CV's exposed of millions of Chinese peoples on server...

  No,it's not on a social platform but the data of Chinese train travelers were stolen by hackers and exposed online.

  Yes,you read it right, around 200 million peopels were affected  by this attack. The info stolen was really vital for everyone as it included their phone numbers,emails,and other private info. And it has come to account that most detailed info lacked the most basic security algorithm protection, according to Security firm Hackenproof.

  The research director of Hackenproof ,Bob Diachenko told that,they have searched all their databases and other storage and they are sure this data was not leaked from them. The data may have been leaked from third party who scrape data from many CV website. He initially thought the data may have been taken from the classified advert site But,they declined the allegation. And among the info lost,it also included the customer registration info,booking records and 19%of users claimed, their social accounts were either hacked or password lost!!...

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