How Rural China is developing fast with technology...| Hi-Tech-Blog |

Today,in this blog,we would talk about how rapidly technology is changing rural China.

Firstly, we would start with gaining knowledge about the internet users in rural China. Rural areas only! According to research, number of internet users exceeded 209 million in 2017,with penetration of 35%. Yes, around 209 million which is approximately 30% of total online users population. Obviously, this is a good starting point for technology industry trying to capitalize main areas like education, health and food production agriculture,which we would discuss now...

How Rural China is developing fast with technology...| Hi-Tech-Blog |

 Let's start with the education development part in Rural China...

 As we discussed about the technology growth and increase in number of internet users,technology is allowing more students to access the educational online platform. Why? Because one reason is that students feel less stressed and get more interest in online education. And second most important reason which is that,there is a shortage of teachers in rural part of China.
            Chinese Unicorn, VIPKid, launched the Rural Education Project in 2017, in order to bring online education to 10K classrooms ,by live streaming classes. And also,it has been noted that ,55 million students in rural school in China, now have access to the live streaming classes!!

    Now,let's talk about the medical development part....

       As we know, Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is all which is required in most feilds. Jim Wang, the CEO of healthcare conglomerate NovaVision Group,believes A.I will level out the quality of care in the coming decades.

  How A.I can help in medical issues??

         Over the last 30-40 years, there has been lot of mistreatment, not enough medical resources have been deployed. But the medical A.I will heal the injuries quickly. It would try to merge together the Rural and Urban parts of China. A.I would reduce the need of people to go for larger,urban hospitals.

   And,finally we would discuss about the food production and agricultural development in rural China.

     First of all, Chinese food safety is a big issue! Alin Iftomi ,the Cheif technology officer at Nodex,tried to describe how A.I and Blockchain can help farming. Alibaba is focussing on animal protection because the algorithm will detect presence of any disease in animals. Here, A.I can drastically improve agricultural cost in rural China in more ways. How? Image processing A.I. algorithms can help drones determine affected harvests, low or high humidity areas and automatically trigger on the spot repair actions from devices like drones. Instead of wasting pesticides or water for an entire field, A.I. helps farmers use only how much is required, where it's required...

 So,from these rural China is developing rapidly with the help of technology, A.I and I.O.T.. And the day is not far when there would be no rural part in China..

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