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Today,in this blog, we would discuss about the appearance of Mahindra Alturas G4, the Toyota Fortuner which will release on 24th November, Saturday..

 About the car............

 Lots of people's are much curious about how would be the car in real life. So,in this blog,we would try to give the virtual representation of The Mahindra Alturas G4.

   First of all, the Mahindra Alturas will be a full size SUV. The Alturas G4 would have huge ground
clearance and sheer size. And of course, the signature of MAHINDRA will glow up by projector headlamps.

   The front as well as rear end of this car is beautiful and gorgeous, and you can say that this has proper big car manners. Now,if it is compared with Older Rexon, the Alturas is really nice looking...

  And about the Sunroof, the main thing of Sedans,this Alturas G4 comes with better feature of Sunroof. As it provides a best relief in summers by letting the  cool pleasant airy winds come in the interior of the car.

Now of course, about the functioning of Alturas G4, it is obviously made in such a way that it can also cover terrain areas without any problem.

Now, let's talk about the interior part..........

  Of course, interior part is lot better than the usual Mahindra stuff. No doubt, that the interiors are made with high quality materials and soft plastics everywhere.

 The centre dashboard space is equipped with large touch display system with Apple Carplay and
Android Auto along with the 360° camera... And the steering unit should be premium and attractive looking, which it is...

  And,finally the most wonderful thing is that it would be launched offering 5 different exterior surface color of this car which are..
Napoli Black, Lakeside Brown,Drizzle Silver,NewRearl White and the Regal Blue Color...

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