Parker Solar Probe of NASA still alive after being closest ever to sun..

 Today in this blog,we would discuss about the Parker Solar Probe of NASA which is alive after being closest ever to the sun. To solve the mysteries of sun,NASA sent a spacecraft that is Parker Solar Probe which is just 15 million miles away from sun surface and still alive.

  The record of getting most closest to sun was set by Helios B in 1976,and now broken by Parker on October 29. This is the far closer than any spacecraft has ever gone!! NASA said that this manoeuvre has exposed the spacecraft to intense heat and solar radiation in complex solar wind environment.

  On November 5, spacecraft made its closest approach, called perihelion.

   The Parker Solar Probe set a new record for spacecraft speed which was around of 213,200 miles/hour. Heat shield was provided to  Parker called the Thermal Protection System. With that,the intense sunlight heated the surface upto 820°F.

  NASA said that the temperature gradually increased as the distance of spacecraft and sun decreased which ended upto 2500°F. There was no manual control on the spacecraft, it was designed in such a way that it could take care of itself,with no control from earth. If there were any minor issues ,they were automatically solved by the spacecraft.

  The first solar encounter phase by Parker Solar Probe began on October 31,and it will continue to collect data through the end of solar encounter phase on November 11. NASA said, the spacecraft will repeatedly break its own speed record as its orbit draws closer to the star and the spacecraft travels faster and faster at perihelion.

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