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   Today,in this blog we would talk about the trust demolition which Google was accused over health app,but before proceeding further, we should know about DeepMind.

  DeepMind Technologies is a British Artificial Intelligence Company founded in September 2010,which is now owned by Google. The company was founded in London but also has research centers in California and Canada. As it is mentioned that currently, now Google owns DeepMind Technologies, actually Google bought DeepMind for $150 million and took over DeepMind Technologies.

Google accused of betraying patients over health app
Google accused of betraying patients over health app

 Now,in first paragraph, we mentioned a term 'trust demolition' which was Google was accused of.

What is this 'trust demolition?.......................................

  Actually stream was first used to send alerts to London Hospital but it came on headlines when it collected the data of 1.6M patients without their knowledge. One of the experts described it as 'trust demolition'.

  But, Julia Powels,lawyer and privacy expert ,who has been closely been following the development of streams,responded in Twitter: "DeepMind repeatedly unconditionally promised to never connect peoples intimate ,identifiable data to Google'. And now,she added," Now it's announced ...exactly that. This isn't transparency, it's trust demolition".

   But DeepMind replies that the data of all patients remain under the strict control and the move to Google won't affect this.

  Then how actually it came up?.....................................

   As per report, In the Royal Free Hospital in London,doctors asked Google owned DeepMind to make a software to help spot and alert clinicians about patients at risk.

  At beginning, it didn't used A.I but the doctors and nurses didn't had much issues with that because it was saving their time.

  But after it,came this issue that neither the health trust nor DeepMind informed patients about vast amount of data they were using.

 It broke the UK privacy laws for not letting patients know how their data were being used!!

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