RFID Technology

Today,in this blog we would discuss about RFID that is Radio Frequency Identification Technology.
    RFID is a technology which works on radio frequency of radio waves. This technology is used to automatically identifying the object or tracking the object.
RFID Technology

 Now what's the object here? 

It can be anything,yes..anything!! The object can be a book from the library, or can be any item purchased from shop,or any vehicle,anything... Not only it can track objects but also it can be used to track animals as well. So,in RFID technology, the RFID tag is used to get attached to the object which he wants to track. There is a device that is RFID reader which continuously sends radio waves. So,whenever the object is in the range of RFID reader, it's tag transmits the feedback signal to the reader. It's very similar to the technology that is used in barcode. 

Now what's barcode? 

It's a machine readable code in the form of numbers and pattern of parallel lines of varying thickness,printed on commodity and used for stock control. Now in case of barcode, the object and the scanner should be in line of sight. But the RFID technology is not line of sight technology, so as far as the object is within the range,object is able to identify the tracker and send the feedback signal back to the reader. So,yes we can use this RFID technology to track multiple objects at same time also. 

RFID Technology

  Now,the question arises, that how the RFID technology originated??

     In 1945, Léon Theremin,who was a Russian and Soviet Inventor, invented a listening device for Soviet Union which retransmitted incident radio waves with added audio information. The working is quite complicated, still we would mention it here. The sound waves vibrated a diaphragm which slightly altered the shape of resonator,which modulated the deflected radio frequency. This device is considered as the predecessor of RFID because it was passive and activated by the waves generated by outside sources. But actually, Mario Cardullo's device was the first true ancestor of modern RFID, because it was the passive radio transponder with memory. The original business plan presented to the inventors in 1969,showed the uses in transportation, banking,security and medical feilds.

  Now, why we should have knowledge about RFID technology?

 Because it's extremely useful in many feilds and also a very valuable tool in business. Many large companies and organizations have adopted RFID to the business applications such as supply chain logistics. The U.S Department of Defense, Wal-Mart and Sam's Club, along with some other retailers,require that their suppliers try shipment with RFID technology so that the data can be recorded automatically when goods arrive. RFID has more business uses if one knows how to use it efficiently. It would be really a great benefit!!

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