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Galaxy 'Mega-Merger' forged Milky Way............

  Today, in this blog,we would discuss about the discovery of scientist in which the research and study showed that Galaxy 'Mega-Merger' forged Milkyway about 10 billion years ago.
Before we proceed further, we need to know about the rotational signature of Milkyway stellar halo.

Galaxy 'Mega-Merger' forged Milky Way of about 10 billion years ago

  The measurement of rotation of Milkyway on stellar halo on two samples of BHB(Blue Horizontal Branch) from SDSS are done by four different methods.
 From them,two of the methods are used to measure the rotation rely exclusively on line of sight velocities. And the other two methods are used for full 3D motions.
 So,the signature halo of Milkyway is mostly stellar rubber from cosmic collisions. According to research, the collision with the other Galaxy took place around 10 billion years ago.
The other Galaxy was a quarter of its size,the discovery reported last Wednesday.

   The lead author Amina Helmi,an astronomer at the University of Groningen's Kapteyn Astronomical Institute ,told that basically they have unravelled the formation of whole milky way . Further she said that the halo of our galaxy due to the merger,it was so massive, to the puffing up of the disk that was already present at that time.
Also,she added that they haven't expected that most of the halo stars have shared origin.

  The repeated measurements taken by the satellite makes it possible to calculate the accurate distance and velocities with each star is streaking through the universe.

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