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 Facebook data of 120 million users and private information stolen.............................

  Today, in this blog,we are going to discuss about a very serious topic about the security breach in Facebook,data of approximately 120 million users like where they live ,jobs,their photos including their private messages have been stolen. The report of British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC) Russian Service has reported this breach and the stolen data of millions of users in Facebook.
 The perpetrators told that the data of millions of fb users has been stolen,which they were attempting to sell. Facebook said it's security has not been compromised.
 Security breached in Facebook, data of 120 million users stolen, private data of 81,000 users posted on Internet ,Facebook data stolen
 Security breached in Facebook, data of 120 million users stolen, private data of 81,000 users posted on Internet 

  According to the report, Hackers offered to sell access for 10 cents per account data of users which has been stolen. However,this advert have since been taken offline. Most of the accounts where the data of users have been stolen mostly are from Ukraine, Russia, Brazil and elsewhere.

   In an English language Internet Forum, one of the users nicknamed FBsaler wrote: " We sell personal data of Facebook users. Our database includes 120 million accounts."
After that the cyber security company Digital Shadows confirmed that data of more than 81,000 of the profiles were stolen and posted online as a sample contained private messages.
 And after that,data of further 176,000 accounts were stolen although phone numbers and emails couldn't been extracted as that were made hidden by the user already. One of the website where the stolen data has been posted appeared to be in St. Petersburg. Cybercrime Tracker Service flagged the IP address. The address had been  used to spread the LokiBot Trojan,allowing hackers to gain access to obtain users password.

  Mainly the security breach that is data of millions of users stolen was due to third parties website extension. To make this clear,we would take a very simple common example. If you have downloaded any games mainly online or any other apps,you may have noticed that they ask for sign up through social media, maybe it's through Facebook or Twitter or Google+. They do this to save the progress of the game. For signing up,the user clicks on Facebook and allows the third party extension to link up with their fb account. Not all extension stoles the data but some extensions containing malware breached the personal data of users account. Some extensions may seem to have malware free extensions but after some time they can evolve as a surprise malware!

 Security breached in Facebook, data of 120 million users stolen, private data of 81,000 users posted on Internet 

  Facebook Executive Guy Rosen said "We have contacted browser makers to ensure that known malicious extensions are no longer available to download in their stores."
  But he didn't mentioned the name of browser extensions that stolen data of millions of users back to the hackers. Furthermore,the stolen data of fb users included personal photographs and private messages of couples.

  Now,finally a big question arises that the data of users which have been stolen,now what should we do?

  Facebook claimed it had fixed the security breach that allowed hackers to steak the data of millions of users. Mark Zuckerberg stated that "We do not yet know that wether the accounts were misused or not but we are continuing to look into this and update when we learn more." according to the posts in Facebook. Actually the main vulnerability was caused also due to some bugs and the "digital key". Now what's this digital key? No,it's not password through which user secures his/her account. It is the key which remembers the Facebook password next time you log into your device.
This feature saves time of user for input in password again and again after they log out. It remembers the password and next time when user logs in ..all they need is to tap on the account and it automatically opens
. So,as a precaution , what users need to do is to log out from all devices and re-login into the device where they are using Facebook. For protection, logging out and back in is all that is necessary.

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