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Today in this blog,we would be discussing about the speed and the accessibility of data users get in through mobile data over WiFi.

 In many nations or we can say around 80 countries,the speed tests were included to determine which is fastest? The mobile data or Wi-Fi?? And among 30 nations,it was found that WiFi is getting ditched over mobile data. In simple words, mobile data is fastest as compared to WiFi. But wifi was the fastest way to have accessibility to download all the data and research over mobile data in UK and Ireland.

Connection speed faster than Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) across many countries
Connection speed faster in mobile networks over Wireless Fidelity(Wi-Fi)across many countries

But ,the question arises as we told above that in 33 nations, WiFi is slower than mobile data. The question is why is this so..?

 The answer for this question is as simple as that. Anyone can set up wifi anywhere, any place ,any time..

So,maybe if someone sets up new WiFi network in an area where there was already a wifi network. In those cases,the signal gets merged together or we can say congestion of waves take place. Thats why connection gets slow..

    And,you would be amazed to know that Australian users prefer to use mobile data more than WiFi. Because most of the users enjoy greatest advantage over WiFi. The users enjoy the fastest connection over there with average of 13 MBPS. And same for other nations like France,Mexico,Turkey........

 And,if we talk about UK,where wifi is faster ,we can say that WiFi is approx. 60% faster than mobile data. Because of the fixed networks hotspots,the data gets quickly to users.

  Tech news said Huawei now made phones that performed test to find fastest network...
And about Samsung to make phones that joined to both wifi and mobile networks to send data and boost browsing speed.

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