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Today, in this blog,we would discuss about the mushrooms which can be made Bionic which can collect the current.
Bionic mushrooms can generate electricity
Before we proceed, it would be better to have knowledge about the term 'bionic'. Bionic is something related to bionics. It is simply having or denoting an artificial typically electrochemical, body parts or parts. In medicine, bionic means replacement or enhancement of organs or other body parts by mechanical versions. The researchers from Steven Institute of Technology took an ordinary white button type mushroom and made it bionic,supercharging with 3D printed clusters of cyanobacteria that generates electricity and swirls of graphene nano ribbons which can collect current.

 The assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Steven said," In this case,our system that is the bionic mushroom, produces electricity ".

So,actually how electricity is generated....

  By integrating cyanobacteria that can produce electricity, having nanoscale materials,which are capable of collecting the current, it's possible to better access the unique properties of both, augment them and create entirely new functional bionic system.

In bio engineering circles,it's common about the knowledge of cyanobacteria's ability of producing current. But the problem is cyanobacteria do not survive long on artificial bio compatible surface. That's why researchers have been limited using this microbes in bioengineering systems. The scientists Manoor and Joshi showed that the cyanobacterial cells can last several days long if placed on the cap of white button mushroom as suitable controls. This is because the mushrooms essentially serve as the suitable environmental substrate with advanced functionality of nourishing the energy producing cyanobacteria.

  In addition to the cyanobacteria living longer in the state of engineering symbiosis,they showed that the amount of electricity these bacteria produce can change depending upon the density and alignment with which they are packed together. But with 3D printing, it's possible to assemble them so as to boost their electricity producing activity more than casted cyanobacteria using lab pipette. Manoor says,"With this work,we can imagine enormous opportunity for next generation bio hybridal application. We could potentially realize many other amazing designer bio hybrids for environment, defense,healthcare and many other feilds".

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