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 The final scientific paper is released of Stephen Hawking.

Today,we would mainly discuss about the scientific paper which mainly discusses about entropy of black hole.

 First of all,we need to tell you that this paper discusses exactly what happens when you throw any object on black hole!! With late cosmologists and other physicist have been working really hard to find out.

  This work,what theoritical physicist call " the information paradox" was completed in the days before Stephen Hawking's death in March.

 The professor of theoritical physics at Cambridge University, Maleom Perry,said that this information paradox was at the centre of Hawking's life for more than 40 years.

   This puzzle,actually originated from 1915,when Einstein published the theory of general relativity. But his theory also made predictions about black holes too. But back then, black hole could be completely defined by three features that are mass,charge and spin.

   After approximately 60 years , Hawking made a debate that balck holes also possess temperature. Now,if a hot object is thrown in space,it loses the heat,so with this,the conclusion is that black hole will evaporate out to existence.

    And also he added that the most difficulty is that if we throw something into black hole,it appears as disappearing slowly.  And if we throw something in ,is all of the information about what it is stored in black hole's horizon. That is required to solve information paradox.

   So,for black holes ,it is unclear what those constituents are,and in some physical systems that have special symmetries ,thermal properties can be calculated. And this paper shows that near the horizon ,we do have one of these special symmetries!!

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