Google is planning to replace voice unlock feature from Android devices!!

Google Reportedly Planning to Discontinue and Replace Unlock With Voice Match Feature on Android Devices

 First of all,we need to discuss about voice match feature. We all have used smartphones and we all know about the lock features which are available to lock phone for security reasons. Various unlock features are present:-PASSWORD, PIN,FACE UNLOCK,VOICE UNLOCK,etc.. Voice unlock feature first takes your voice as input and then after locking the phone,user has to say something and the voice unlock feature recognizes the voice and automatically the phone opens..

  Now,Google is planning to discontinue the use of voice lock and replace it with some other feature. On pixel 3,the option was already replaced with 'Lock Screen Personal Results'.

  Now,the question may arise in your mind that why Google is doing this????

  Actually, a recent report has claimed that compared to other unlock features available on smartphone, voice unlock feature is not too secure. This is because some other person can access to user's phone by giving input of user's voice from other phone where the voice was recorded in audio or video in another phone. And also,in Google app version 8.39,for Android has a string of text that reveals the problem. It reveals that an 'Updated Voice Match' prompt detailing the change. So,'LOCK screen personal result' will be more secure in feature.

 As discussed, last week Google removed Voice match on Pixel 3. It highlighted that instead of unlocking the device, users can access the Google Assistant on their Pixel 3 devices directly from the lock screen by passing the "OK Google" command.

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