10 Benefits of owning Tesla

Today,in this blog,we would discuss about the 10 benefits of owning Tesla vehicle!!

  So,first of all,we would like to throw light on Tesla Inc.

 Tesla Inc is an American automotive and energy company based in Palo Alto ,California. The Tesla company specializes in electric car manufacturing and it operates multiple production and assembly plants. The Tesla companies main vehicle manufacturing facility is at Tesla factory in California. Tesla sells model S,model X,model 3 vehicles and related products.


 So,now we would discuss about 10 benefits of owning Tesla vehicle.

 1.The falcon wing doors of Tesla model.....

 Model X of Tesla has the rear doors which don't open in ordinary fashion, they open like wings..it seems that an eagle is spreading his wings. It's easier for childrens to get in the car seats.

2. Speed of Tesla Model S.....

  Two versions are available for model S:

  90D which can hit 0-60 in 4.8 sec.

  P90D which can hit 0-60 in 3.8 sec.

 Limit is 155mph.
Tesla model S


  There are six/seven seats available in model X. The seat designs are extremely modern and comes in 3 colors: Ultra White ,Tan and Black.

4. Sound system.....

  There are 17 speakers installed in n model X of Tesla with touch screen display and centre in the dash.

5. Panaromic Wind Screen.....

 Tesla Model X has largest all glass paranomic windscreen in production. It gives driver as well as rear passengers a better view of front. Really very helpful for those peoples who suffer from car sickness.
Tesla model X

  6. Protection from biohazards.....

 Yup,you read it right my friend!!  It has medical grade HEPA Air filtration system 10x larger than the avg car owns. It stripes out all viruses,pollution and pollens before entering the cabin. Very helpful in smoggy cities.

7. Storage.....

  Installing six or seven seats clearly indicates the motive of Tesla companies. To look up for more space especially for families. It also owns under seat storage.

8. Safety .....

  This is the safest SUV  on road and the action safety system to scan the surrounding around road to help avoid collision.

  9. Range .....

  Two different power variates are available for model S as discussed earlier.

  90D can go up to 257 miles,

P90D can go up to 250.
Tesla model 3

10. Price.....

   The price of model X costs just US$132,000.
 And model S is $5k less than model X

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