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 Why Data Science is important..........

 Today, we would discuss about data science!

  So,what is data science?

   Data science is an interdisciplinary field where scientific methods,processes and algorithms are applied to extract knowledge.

    It employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the context of maths,statistics and computer science.
data science

  So,what's so amazing about data science??

   In 2012,Harvard Business Review announced it as "The most attractive job in 21st century". This is also often termed as buzzword. It is also often used interchangeably with earlier concepts like business analytics,business intelligence, etc..

   Now the question arises that why should we keep a knowledge on data science??????

  First of all,we would like to mention that there are some myths associated with data science. Like many think that more data means more accuracy. Now,the fact is if you do not have precise understanding of which data sets you need to analyze,you won't know where to start.

data science

   More data doesn't means always good quality. It always implies higher costs,and also for time and opportunity cost. So,it's better to start analyzing internal datasets before integrating with them in public.

    And the most important thing is that data science helps business in lots of effective ways. How?

  Suppose you are starting a business on something,... Then you have to think about how to compete with other products and also side by side you have to keep an eye on the future products and services available in your business. In this situation, Data Science can help you a lot and guide you through it!!

   And demand for data scientist are also very very high. And it will continue to increase in future!! So,it's better to keep a knowledge about data science!!!!
data science

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