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What is Image Processing?

  Digital image processing, which comes under computer science, is used in computer algorithm to perform image processing on digital images. So,digital image processing, has much wider range of algorithm which can be applied to the input data and can avoid problems like build up noise and signal distortion during processing. Image processing can be clustered into following groups:-

1) Checking for presence
2) Object detection and localisation
4) Identification and Verification.


 In most cases,the acquired image from camera is not directly processed within the application. Instead, it is pre-processed to enhance the image according to specific task. Examples of preprocessing are noise reduction as well as brightness and contrast enhancement. Some of these steps can be done directly by the camera itself, and thus save CPU load on the host side.
  Camera calibration can actually refer to two things: Geometric Calibration and Color Calibration.

 With Geometric Calibration, we correct lens distortion.

With Color Calibration, we ensure an accurate reproduction of Colors. The better the processing, the better the image quality.

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