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Self Driving Cars...........

  We all know that, in today's world technology has taken its wide form.Technology surrounding everything everywhere! From small device like SD card which can store lots of info to large complicated gadgets that we have made to make our lifestyle much more easier. So,here we would discuss about driverless cars and should we introduce it in our country?
                                          Self Driving Cars

So,first of all what's a driverless car?

  Simple! A car without a driver. Driverless car, also known as self driving cars that don't need any human effort to control them! So,that means if you are in that car,you don't have to put your hand on steering wheel to control the car.
  Self Driving Cars

So,how does this car works?

   In general, the driverless cars computer system takes over all the responsibilities. The system uses infrared rays,laser rays and sophisticated motion sensors, cameras, accurate GPS and complex algorithm to instruct the car to drive itself.
  Due to the algorithm, the car can read road lights,traffic sign, road markings, speed level warning signs.
  Self Driving Cars

  So,let's discuss about the benefits of driverless cars. Cars are fully electric and also driverless cars. Automation cars uses significantly less gas and energy while driving compared to human controlled cars.This is because most gas is burned when driving at high speeds,pushing brakes,and then re-accelerating excessively!
  Driverless cars have advanced technology, due to which the weight of the car gets reduced at high rate because of light batteries and there is less need for heavy modification of engine.

  And what about accidents??

  Well,there is a very very less chance of accident in these cars. Because these are controlled by algorithm which is perfect.

And disadvantages?

  First,comes the very high price of these cars. Which is certainly most above than the range of ordinary people. Like above or equal to $100,000!!
Then,comes most important point that is unemployment. Because these cars will result to lose jobs of taxi drivers, bus drivers!!
  Self Driving Cars
And,although before selling these cars ,the algorithm and codes are checked carefully wether any mistake or not. But still a very small mistake in the codes or system malfunctioning may lead to accidents,much worse than human caused accidents!!
And, the system can be hacked by hackers software, changing the route and destination, which may lead to privacy problems.

  So,we have discussed until now,the benefits and risks of these cars,and we would like to know what you think about this? As said above, should we introduce these driveless cars in our country?

  Yes.         Or.       No

And,if you want to share your thoughts with us,you can comment down below what you think about these cars??

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