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 Life of a GAME DEVELOPER.................................

Well ,that's a very interesting question and really thoughtful too!! If you have played games and called yourself a gamer then you have definitely thought about "if I were a game developer once, how would my life become?"
  Well, today you will get answers about how is the life of game developer?
game developer

    First of all we would discuss,what a game developer basically do?

    Mostly ,game developers focus on programming of internal gaming codes that should be written to run the game. Another game developers work on graphics designing depending upon quality of the game. The more the higher quality, the more graphics designers...
    Beside them,there are also game testers. They just play the game and report bugs to programmers. Now most of the gamer think that if they even get a chance to be a part of game developing they would definitely like to be a game tester. But they don't know the dark side about it.
  Let us reveal the bitter truth of game testers.
It is truth that they get a chance to play games that has not been released yet. But that is really very very boring.
Now you may think why? Why is game testers job boring?
game developer

  The answer is:

  Suppose you are game tester! Ok! Now the developers have made a fighting simulation game and they have given you to test the game and report bugs if any. Now suppose that in that game ,there are 20 unique players. So,being a game tester ,u have to play with each and every character. And suppose they have each 10 different outfits for fighting. So,you have to play the game 200 times to see if there are any bugs.. And report it to programmers. Now u should also need to have a knowledge of coding for being a game tester. Game testing job seems to be very easy but it is the most boring jobs ever you can say.

   There are also level designers who design the each levels of a game..
   They also have the toughest work as they need to work with programmers as well as the graphics designer to make a level. There are also editors who write the subtitle of a game like what each character is saying. They also have tough and booring job as they need to see each and every line ,each and every words which is set in a time. Just one second more or less,it will get wrong! And they have to play each and every line and listen to it very very carefully. So,it's also a tough job of being an editor.
   GTA V as we have discussed before in our previous blog. Research says that this game  took 2 years to finish without any single day delay..and focussing on work. U may think that it should have taken at least 5 yrs.. But no..these 2 years are 2 decades for the developers!! And now they are getting a very fruitful result!!
game developer
   So that's the life of game developers. They just keep focused on gaming. So,think twice before you apply for a job in game developing. We are not saying that you are not capable. We are not discouraging you!! We just want you to realise that hard work and dedication is required for this job. If u think u can apply,then plz apply for it.

  And also there's a request,that if you play a game and don't like it,then please don't say any bad words for the game..The game developers have spent their whole energy and time for this don't disrespect it! I have seen a lot about this and it hurts!! Really!

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