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Happy Engineers Day

 15 Sept. Celebrated as Engineer's Day. This day is celebrated every year as a tribute to our greatest Indian Engineer Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. He was a civil engineer. His birthday that is on 15 Sept is celebrated as Engineer's Day.
 Now,you may think who was actually the first engineer in the world?
 Imhotep was Chancellor to the Egyptian pharaoh djoser,and his engineering claim to fame is the design of the Pyramid of Djoser. It's located in the Egyptian Necropolis of Saqqara,and was the first of famous Egyptian Pyramids.
 What was the oldest feild in engineering?
  The oldest feild in engineering, according to US, historians have marked CIVIL ENGINEERING as the oldest. It was started as a professional engineering course in 1852.

  Now,why it's important to become an engineer?
      Because as our world is developing in technology feild so rapidly, engineering has been an important driver of the technology innovation which was key to growth and development and prosperity. Engineering disciplines integrate scientific principles with practical research, providing system and processes that create ways of acquiring new technology.

  If you own a car or bike or any other vehicle,thank a mechanical engineer. 
  If you're using Windows or Android or iOS powered device,thank a CS engineer.
  If you have a beautiful house and  see spectacular monument or travel by bridge and roads,thank a civil engineer.
  If you are using Google,YouTube or Wikipedia, thank an IT engineer.
  If you are surrounded by electronic gadgets and circuits and use them,thank a ECE engineer.
  If you travel by flight, thank aeronautical engineer.
So,finally we would like to say to all engineers across globe,we salute your amazing ideas and your innovation that has truly changed our lives. 

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