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 What is edge computing?

     We have already discussed about cloud computing in our previous blog. Edge computing is a method of optimizing the system of cloud computing or application by taking some portion of an application and it's data or services away from one or more central nodes to the other logical extreme of the Internet which makes contact with the physical world and users.

 Cloud computing has revolutionized hoe people share and use their data. However, there are some areas where cloud is limited. Latency bandwidth security and lack of offline access can be problematic to
solve this problem. To solve this, users need robust, secure and intelligent on premise infrastructure for edge computing. When data is physically located closer to the users who connect to it, information can be easily shared quickly, securely and without latency.

  In financial services gaming, healthcare,retail, low levels of latency are vital for great digital customer experience.

  But the problem with edge computing is it can be of higher risk as there is lack of tier 3/4 security. It takes longer time to outrage resulting in corrupted data output.

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